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Ideas to Create a Sensory Box for Kids with Autism

Ideas to create sensory box for kids with autism

A sensory box or bin is nothing but a large box where necessary sensory materials are filled according to the child’s need or to put in simple words, the sensory box is a container where your kid’s favorite items are stocked inside. Children will use them to play, learn and also to relax at times […]

Sensory Play Activities & Ideas for Kids with Autism

Ideas to Create Sensory Room for Kids with Autism

Sensory play or craft is effective for children with sensory integration difficulties. It helps to connect pathways in the brain that are responsible for processing the senses. Let’s list out the benefits of doing the sensory craft: It helps to develop gross motor and fine motor skills. Improves bilateral coordination skills. Cognitive and perceptual skills […]

Ideas to Create Sensory Room for Kids with Autism

How to Teach More and Less Concept to Kids with Autism 1

Sensory rooms are essential for kids with ASD. The advantages of having a sensory room or sensory plan at home are: The child will receive sensory input at times of their need. The child will be able to gain sensory tolerance. Enhance exploration. Improves child’s gross motor and fine motor skills. Child’s cognitive and perceptual […]

Easy Vestibular Activities for Kids with Autism

vestibular activities

WHAT IS VESTIBULAR SENSATION? The Vestibular system is part of our inner ear responsible for sending information about movement, space and gravity to our brain, which in turn helps the individual to maintain balance, coordination and detects changes in the body position as well.For children, both the vestibular and proprioceptive sensations are essential which enables […]